Monday, June 18, 2012

Marvelous Monsters

I promised there'd be more to the Cornelius drawings. After his archer was completed (to catch the beginning of this story:

Earlier in the day he had been inventing his own Pokemon, so to be put on the same level in his interests, to be driven to create characters for MY universe, to put his creations alongside mine -- I was humbled. 

This picture started out as fun way for me to "test out" how my characters could move. I haven't played with poses with them since Zembillas' class at CSUN.  So, Pi, Rhomb, Llyn, Oid, and Tor were jumping on a trampoline. Then Cornelius came over with a scrap of paper and started to design his monsters. He took a particular liking to Rhomb (the purple one), as you can see in his yellow and b&w striped monster, named Rhobe. Cornelius then told me the story of how Rhomb lost his leg and how Rhobe was there too, which is how he lost his leg. He went on to tell me the story of my characters, unprovoked, and without asking what their story actually was. He also chose the colors for the planet. The planet, apparently, is the Geometry planet (I was so proud that he caught on to the fact that my monster's names are math-related), and is divided into separately colored sections each inhabited by the corresponding-colored triangle character he designed. 

As he told me this, I added his designs into my picture. 

Cornelius' Monster Designs

Also did this that weekend, Rhomb, Pi, Llyn, Tor, and Oid (c) K.Stocking

I've also included some gestures that I did of Maddie and Cornelius, as they played soccer and drew, respectively. 

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