Thursday, May 31, 2012

Meet 0dett3. Don't tell the others, but I think she's my favorite OC. Come on, she's half see-through and is an android. 

The little guy is ^3, pronounced "cubed", and is one of my monsters. He currently lives with ~ink-rabbit, his adopted guardian.

^3 wants to be a tentacle monster when he grows up. Lucky for him, 0dett3 is a good friend, and is indulging his fantasy.

Drawn while waiting for the Avengers to start at the theater. Indulged myself and colored it while watching the Legend of Korra. Also, I totally just turned 21, so happy birthday to meeeee~

Done with Copic markers.

Art, characters, and design (c) Katherine "MayugeSeishou" Stocking, 2012

Do not edit, trace, manipulate, or use in any way without my permission. Thanks.

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