Thursday, May 31, 2012

Painting Custom Ponies


I think the combination of my childhood hobby of ceramic painting mixed with the creation of toys just makes vinyl figures irresistible to me. Also, I'm bound and determined to make an Okapi out of just about everything. Which reminds me, as soon as I move again and unpack my stuff, I'll post pictures of my first vinyl figure, which was a KidRobot "Raffy", that I made into an Okapi. 

On the note of Okapis, may I introduce you to Round-a-Bout, my "My Little Pony" original character/creation. Her "cutie mark" (the symbols that appears on the flank of all "My Little Ponies") is a Carousel. A cutie mark is a graphic representation of a pony's "special talent."  Round-a-bout has a carousel as her cutie mark; this is because she has realized that, while life has it's ups and downs, you've just got to keep your world turning. Also, as an artist, the carousel horses, each a masterpiece themselves, represent the joy that a piece of art can bring. (Carousels are an important theme, landmark, and symbol for me. They are truly one of my favorite things. )

I had an impromptu birthday party with my besties Kacey, Des, and Keri (The Prince Kitchen), and my boyfriend Eddie. I only have pictures of mine and Eddie's ponies because I took them home and did a mini-shoot. The girl's ponies came out just as spectacularly, and when they post photos, I will be sure to share.  Eddie's pony, the orange and blue one pictured here, does not have a name. His cutie mark represents Eddie's 3D modeling, as well as the inky splatters of his pen-name, INK Rabbit.  

Every time I get to work with my artist friends, I feel like projects just come out better. Each of us really brought a special expertise to the table. I'd especially like to thank Kacey for doing the wonderful styling on the hair.

The ponies were painted with a fun mixture of Martha Stewart's glitter/pearl/metallic/satin paints and normal craft acrylic. The hair was done with COPIC marker! A little tip for those of you that work with synthetic hair: Copic and Sharpie markers are both alcohol-based, and will color wig/pony/synthetic fibers! I've used it before to add beautiful highlights and streaks to wigs - it really takes a colored wig from flat to crazy-natural; hair has highlights! All you have to do is hold your hair over a piece of cardboard or paper and color over it with your markers. It's that easy.  

My Little Pony © Hasbro
Design © Katherine "MayugeSeishou" Stocking and Eddie "IR" Lopez

Meet 0dett3. Don't tell the others, but I think she's my favorite OC. Come on, she's half see-through and is an android. 

The little guy is ^3, pronounced "cubed", and is one of my monsters. He currently lives with ~ink-rabbit, his adopted guardian.

^3 wants to be a tentacle monster when he grows up. Lucky for him, 0dett3 is a good friend, and is indulging his fantasy.

Drawn while waiting for the Avengers to start at the theater. Indulged myself and colored it while watching the Legend of Korra. Also, I totally just turned 21, so happy birthday to meeeee~

Done with Copic markers.

Art, characters, and design (c) Katherine "MayugeSeishou" Stocking, 2012

Do not edit, trace, manipulate, or use in any way without my permission. Thanks.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hola, Okapi!

I indulged in myself today. It's almost my birthday, so I figured, what the heck. I've been drawing everyone else's characters, why not show a little love to my own. This is my little Okapi Centauride (female centaur). I even splurged and bought myself a commission (plus, the money goes to a good cause)! 

She's a gatherer who harvests pears with the use of her staff. 

Character and design copyright Katherine "MayugeSeishou" Stocking

By Shojo-Onigiri

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Felting the Night Away

Yesterday was a fabulous day of needles needle felting. Not a good day of needles, as I had to get some shots. Ouch. However, when the day turned to needle felting, things got much better. What is needle felting, you ask? It's actually really simple. You take pieces of wool felt (it has to be a wool blend, but 100% wool is best), and layer them one at a time on top of each other. Then you use a tool that contains barbed needles. Pressing the needles through the layers of felt (and into a brush) tangles the fibers and actually makes the two layers into one. Nifty, right? I think so. :3
So you press, over and over, and over and over, until you've layered and pressed to your heart's content. 

To start my project, I first sketched out my ideas on newsprint. I had a beautiful tile from Bazaar Del Mundo that I was using for my inspiration. I also wanted to make it different; I love sugar skulls, but with some many of them in commercial design lately, I really focused on making it personal. Giraffes are one of my favorite animals, and I played with balance; his neck playing off the curve of her hair braid. After I had the sketch done, I cut along my lines to form a rough pattern. 

 After I had my pieces, I cut each out of the color of felt I wanted (and cut the whole design out of red). Then the real work starts! Working from the bottom layer, I placed one piece at a time and "punched" it with the barbed needle tool until it was secure. You can tell when it's working when 1. the piece doesn't fall off, haha! and 2. You can see the fibers going into the background.

Working on the bag

Punch, Punch, Punch

The felt-work finished
 After about 3 hours of punching and punching (and punching), I have the base-work for the bag done. I have some beads, also from Bazaar Del Mundo, that I want to add, as well as some embroidery work. Soon the giraffe will have little bead eyes, and everything will be better. :3

To reward the hard work, Ms. Carole, a super good family friend, who we craft with, made melty marshmallows with dark chocolate. Being a camp kid and Lifetime Girl Scout, I appreciate a good marshmallow. She makes them so melty and gooooey and awesome.  Thanks Ms. Carole. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sloths + Avengers


Sometimes, being an artist means you create beautiful works of inspiring art. Most of the time, I feel it means you get to illustrate all the crazy things that swim around in your head and play ping-pong with your friends. On the latter note, may I present the Sloth!vengers. Marvel's Avengers crossed with adorable, cuddly sloths! Captain Amerisloth, Iron Sloth, Slor, and the Incredible Sluk.

The tank top is a Forever 21 find. I used a white fabric-based iron-on transfer for my design. The original was done with COPIC markers on Bristol board. I am currently adding stick-on rhinestones to the shirt; you can see one as Iron Sloth's Arc Reactor.

On an "I bet you won't wear this" challenge, I will be wearing the tank top below to the midnight premiere of The Avengers, Thursday night. I will update this post with photo proof later.  Photo-proof below. And an Avengers fascinator. Double bonus.


I am selling iron-on transfers for $5. E-mail me at: with your address if you are interested.