Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Girl, Look at that Body. (Mild Nudity Warning)

Style. I feel like every time I go to draw something, I have to think about "my style." I also seem to go through very specific and distinct phases of style. Right now, I draw very round, soft, and "cute". Last year, though, I went through a strong "anatomy" phase. Maybe it was because I was in school, and was applying what I was learning, or maybe it was because I wasn't comfortable in a style, like I am now, so I focused on bringing anatomy to the forefront (while creating little to no backgrounds...). Either way, I have a good collection of anatomy studies that I haven't yet shared on this blog. Enjoy!

"Mermother" COPIC Markers

Okapis are my favorite animal; Watercolor and COPIC

The Sketch

"Margarita" the Stripper Snail. COPIC

Roy, from Fire Emblem. COPIC Marker

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