Monday, February 6, 2012

Artistic Reflections

Oh DeviantART. You were my inspiration, by motivation, and my home for almost two years (2007-2009). Today I was browsing, and saw that I hadn't posted in almost two years. It's crazy how time goes by!

I realized that when I was actively involved in DeviantART communities, I drew a lot more; there were always contests, kiribans (celebrations of "page views"), and fandoms to fuel. When you're terrible at art, you feel like each piece is a masterpiece and that you can take on the world -- with time, experience, and critique comes a discerning eye, most importantly for your own work; I drew SO much, because it was fun. In my mind, I was already the best, so why stop? While I've out-grown a lot of it, it's something to look back on with a smile, a warm heart, and a touch of embarrassment -- if being a Narutard was the worst thing I got into in High School, who's to judge, really? I had done this improvement meme back in 2009, but was inspired to put on the last two years. I realized that with school (80% of my art being for portfolios, animations, concept work, etc.-- stuff I haven't shared outside of the animation world), I hadn't done a lot of personal work. However, I think you can still see improvement... and a lot of boobs? Check out the template HERE

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