Monday, February 27, 2012

Vasquez Rocks!

No really, it's an awesome place. Get it?
If you've ever seen Star Trek, the Flinstones, or just about any car commercial, you've seen Vasquez Rocks. A group from CSUN went Plein Air painting. I did my first ever oil painting! I'm so proud!

Vasquez Rocks, the main formation
Elsewhere in the park

Monster T-Shirt Design Challenge

I love monsters! DeviantART was having a design contest, and this was totally up my alley. This little one is ready for playtime... you might want to wash your hands afterwards... heehee. 

7 colors, 2 print surfaces; it was a fun challenge.

If you're a DeviantART member, check it out and vote if you like it here:

Monday, February 6, 2012

Artistic Reflections

Oh DeviantART. You were my inspiration, by motivation, and my home for almost two years (2007-2009). Today I was browsing, and saw that I hadn't posted in almost two years. It's crazy how time goes by!

I realized that when I was actively involved in DeviantART communities, I drew a lot more; there were always contests, kiribans (celebrations of "page views"), and fandoms to fuel. When you're terrible at art, you feel like each piece is a masterpiece and that you can take on the world -- with time, experience, and critique comes a discerning eye, most importantly for your own work; I drew SO much, because it was fun. In my mind, I was already the best, so why stop? While I've out-grown a lot of it, it's something to look back on with a smile, a warm heart, and a touch of embarrassment -- if being a Narutard was the worst thing I got into in High School, who's to judge, really? I had done this improvement meme back in 2009, but was inspired to put on the last two years. I realized that with school (80% of my art being for portfolios, animations, concept work, etc.-- stuff I haven't shared outside of the animation world), I hadn't done a lot of personal work. However, I think you can still see improvement... and a lot of boobs? Check out the template HERE

Forts = Love

Mushy post. It's been one year with my Lego-building, art-creating, peanut-butter-eating, fort-building, comic-reading, best-friend, boyfriend.  It hasn't been an easy year, but he's kept me safe and sane through it. I love him very much. I drew this to show him how many memories we've already made, and how I want things to be like, forever.

The Finished Print, All Framed and Pretty

The Line-Art