Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cupcake Munny

I love kidrobot. This is actually my first Munny (I've done others, like my favorite, Raffy). I've been on a cupcake-kick lately (waaaaaaaaaaaay more on that later). May I present to you, this little sweetie. It's kidrobot's Mini Munny, the 4" figure. I used acrylic paint, silicon "deco" frosting, foam-molded cupcakes, plastic, ribbon, beads, fake pearls, and plastic gemstones. It was a lot of fun, and I plan on making a series of these. She's holding a tiny hand-made piping bag, ready to decorate all the giant cupcakes in the world. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sketch Dump of 2011

A Rockin' Ant-eater


Fixing a beloved teddy bear

Baby Monsters

Celebrating my Veterans


2011 saw the passing of two beloved pets, Oso, the Lopez's Rottweiler and Tartan, my kitty cat (born in Scotland, she lived in two countries and two US states). Both pets were family, and will be missed everyday. I drew these for their "moms" to have as a memorial.

Grindin' it up with inkRABBIT

About three months ago, Eddie Lopez, inkRABBIT, and I collaborated on a skateboard to benefit the Animation Students League of Northridge. It's a "backpack" board, so it's nice and light and small. I drew up the design, and Eddie painted the board. I am so excited about this; like, I would learn to skateboard just to use this thing. Check out Eddie's blog here.
The Finished Board

The Design, featuring my Monsters
In Progress
Almost Done...
Close-up of "Romb"